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IN SITU. Lat. loc. Which means “On site, on the ground.”


     …“With each new building we intervene in a certain historical situation. For the quality of this intervention, what is decisive is whether or not it is possible to provide the new with properties that enter into a relationship of tension with what is already there, and that this relationship creates meaning. In order for the new to find its place, we must first be encouraged to see the pre-existing in a new way. You throw a stone into the water: the sand swirls and settles again. The disturbance was necessary, and the stone has found its place. However, the pond is no longer the same as before...

Zumthor, Peter. Think about architecture. Barcelona, Spain: Gustavo Gilli, 2014.


      IN SITU Taller de Arquitectura is born from a constant search and development of the architectural profession, where we approach each project with a perspective of reflection and criticism, the proposal being the result of a series of observation and analysis processes, always unfinished and in constant evolution .

     Our intention is to be able to offer spaces that can be perceived and experienced comprehensively by the user, generating in them a strong sense of belonging.

    This is how we propose a dialogue between the existing architecture, the project to be carried out and its immediate surroundings. This is possible thanks to the use of materials from the region, the understanding of the construction techniques and processes of the place, among others, carefully taking care of the entire process, from the conception of the project to its materialization.

Sincere architecture that integrates with the site.

IN SITU Taller de Arquitectura.

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