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•M06 Offices•

Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico.


     This project is for a company which is related to the technology industry: voice and data (telephony, internet, among others), closed circuit television and automation. The proposal for its new offices was made, on a plot of land with a particular polygonal and in an existing construction. Due to this, first a physical survey of the place was carried out, taking into account the existing facilities and their location. Thanks to this, it was possible to decide which elements to preserve, demolish, annex or only maintain them.

     Subsequently, the architectural program was generated, considering and studying the movement flows of the 3 future users: workers, suppliers and clients. It was also important to take into account what elements we could use from the current construction, and proposals were made including the existing gable roof or discarding it. It was proposed to remove the staircase and relocate it inside the existing volume, and two volumes were annexed to house the office area and the warehouse area.

     Regarding the distribution of the spaces, it was carried out as follows: A locker area and checker for employees upon entering, a hall for clients and a kitchenette with a dining area and bathroom for employees are contemplated. Subsequently, there is an area of cubicles for the different areas that are managed within the company: human resources, purchasing, projects and accounting. On the upper floor, the incorporation of a meeting room and management and management offices is proposed, which have a shared terrace where the entire complex can be seen.

     At the back of the complex it was proposed to annex a maneuvering yard and warehouse, which is made up of a two-level volume with an exposed metal structure, with an open floor plan and a pergola at the top. The tools and equipment storage area allows the space to be flexible and attached to it is the office for the warehouseman, who will control and deliver to the workers the material to be used for the installations they carry out day by day. Finally, it has the car transit space, which visually becomes an axis that goes from side to side, and which, from the entrance gate, causes the warehouse to act as a visual finishing touch.

     Speaking of the formal aspect, and due to the direction that the company handles, we can highlight that the old factories that emerged in the industrial revolution were taken as a reference, which is why we tried to use apparent materials and facilities and a single range of colors. The issue of the existing openings was resolved, proposing new openings since they currently do not have a logical order to follow.

     Finally, areas of opportunity for adaptations to continue in the place were annexed, such as rescuing the existing blacksmith's gate, changing bathroom furniture and accessories, removing the existing ceramic floor in the area of the maneuvering yard, among others.

Arch, Ana Karen Centeno Ávila.

IN SITU Taller de Arquitectura.

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