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Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico.


The process:

     The structure of the chair was made with Tzalam wood, previously selected, hand-carved, according to design. This wood was chosen for its hardness, which was ideal for the resistance we wanted to give to the chair.

     We traveled to Tepatitlán de Morelos to work hand in hand with the artisan Óscar Vázquez. Natural cotton threads were selected, which he himself produced in his cultivation and braided in his workshop using a spinning wheel. The dyeing of the threads was done using Brazilwood for the red color and cochinilla for the other colors. The chair was hand-woven with cotton and coyuche threads, using the tapestry weaving technique.

The exhibition:

     Campamento was held at the Torre Américas 500. Different proposals were presented from designers with experience in the field within the "Compass" category, and emerging designers within the "Flashlight" category. We had the opportunity to live, talk with some exponents and have an honorable mention with this project.   





IN SITU Taller de Arquitectura

Information and orders:

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