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•Folie Lam Pavilion Competition•
International Competition

Logroño, Spain, 2021.


   The proposal | Folie Lam, beyond the purely visual or formal, is an explicit articulation of discoveries that reveal the nature of the intervention: the foot, the eye and the body through space is fundamental.


  Seeing in the distance a monolith that breaks with the serenity of the fields and plateaus, gives us a glimpse that something strange exists, however, meeting it is essential to know its insinuations, it invites us to climb some rock steps to connect with the architectural memory of the Roman vestige.

  It calls us to discover that through an apparent door and a subtle curve we can live the path in another way, that of architecture that is a limit, with the ability to domesticate space and live it in the dense present, space protects and embrace the body even if it is for a moment.

Work team:

Arch. Abraham Fonseca/ Ateliera

Arch. Aldo Urban / Make renderings

Arch. Ana Karen Centeno Ávila / INSITU Taller de Arquitectura

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