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Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico.


   This small intervention in an existing space was carried out since there was an unused area upon entering the meeting room area for the entire building. The requirements were to have a space for a receptionist, a small waiting room, two work cubicles and a coffee break area. Currently there are finishes that are not very favorable for the building in this area, and this aspect also had to be taken into account. ​


   Upon entering the meeting room, we found two areas of already existing furniture, which would not be changed and made transit a bit difficult due to the peculiar shape of the building in plan. It was requested that each of the spaces could be isolated in some way, implementing a hallway, which would allow each meeting room to be divided and at the same time provide privacy through vinyl on the glass, and at the same time, would also make it easier to go, towards the restroom area at the end of the hallway, without interrupting any of the meetings taking place. ​


   Two proposals for distribution and materials to be used were made. The first is somehow more in line with the building, taking into account the institutional colors, and applying them in the incorporation of a red wall and a metal lattice that goes around from floor to ceiling, becoming a ceiling light. The walls of the cubicles are covered with gray plate, and the height of the volumes reaches 2.10m, so as not to be so invasive in the small space and to give a little more air to the project. ​


   In the second proposal the materials are warmer, incorporating the use of wood and proposing the entire lobby ceiling with a lattice of the same material. The cubicles are made up of a volume also made of wood and at a height of 2.10m. The reception area features a solid block of marble and the furniture is proposed in neutral colors. The corridor to the meeting rooms and the toilet area was proposed with a wooden lambda along its entire length, incorporating lighting at the bottom, as a guide.


Arch. Ana Karen Centeno Ávila.

IN SITU Taller de arquitectura.

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