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Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico.


     Access to the house is through a patio where we find the social area, living room, dining room, kitchen and an extraordinary terrace that overlooks the vegetation of the house. This space is integrated into the dining room through sliding doors that are hidden and that generate a single interior space.


     From here you can also observe the vertical circulations, through a staircase that crosses the two levels of the house, and the incorporation of a tree that begins at the ground floor level and runs through the two levels of the project.


     On the next level are the bedrooms, the main one having the best view, again towards the outside of the house, and a study that has a wooden lattice that provides a bit of privacy to the space. On this level we can also find a pleasant terrace which has an impressive view of the outside, accompanied by a bar, a television lounge and a wooden lattice that leads you to the vertical circulation area. The use of apparent concrete and wood are a predomi nant characteristic of the project.

Design and Facade Render:

Arch. Ana Karen Centeno Ávila.

IN SITU Taller de Arquitectura.

Interior Render:



Arch. Mónica García | Vista en Planta

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