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•AR House•

Cuautla, Morelos, Mexico.


     In the conception of this project a key factor was the understanding of the terrain. This consists of an area of 1,200 square meters and has the particularity of having a slope of 6 meters, with the north-west part being the lowest part of the land and the one that presents the best views of the context where it is inserted.

    The client, who lives in Mexico City, asked us to develop the project of a rest house to go on a weekend or vacation with his entire family, which is large, giving special attention to the use of stone. place in most of the project and the generation of large coexistence areas.

       Taking advantage of the slope of the land, we decided to generate the program in a somewhat unconventional way: upon arrival we found a single-story volume, which houses the guest bedroom area and the main one. You also have the option of going down directly to the common areas using an attached staircase. The spatial relationship of this entire area is generated through a walkway, which gives you the option of going out to a large terrace, from where you can appreciate the incredible landscape of the place.

     Then we find the volume of the staircase, subtly wrapped by a wooden lattice which generates interesting games of light and shadow. The ground floor is generated on a semi-buried level, which gives rise to the common and recreation areas, allowing the user to interact with the outside. The volume that houses the living room, dining room and kitchen is proposed on an open floor plan, becoming a flexible space in which different configurations can be presented.

     Regarding this large horizontal volume, it is worth mentioning the use of wooden beams throughout the entire slab and local stone on the walls, which generates a warm and welcoming space for users. Through sliding doors the space is fully integrated with the outside, creating a relationship with it. When you leave you find a pool and a large garden with the vegetation of the place. On the outside, this large volume is framed with metal beams free of any support on one of its sides, which allows the slab to generate a feeling of lightness. Annexed to these spaces are the living room area, gym and toilet service.

     The project is therefore configured by two large elongated volumes connected by the volume of the staircase wrapped in a lattice. A particularity is the large percentage of sloping roofs that were required by regulation, which was resolved by incorporating a sloping roof into the volume of the rooms, which is not perceived when entering the house but which provides them with a great spatial quality.

   As a whole, AR House becomes a project blended with the site, where its qualities are made the most of, generating spaces for contemplation, reflection and rest.

Arch, Ana Karen Centeno Ávila.

IN SITU Taller de Arquitectura.

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